About me

My name is Kirill. I have been promoting foreign sites since 2009.

  • You do not risk anything – I do not experiment at the expense of your funds. All sites are promoted by methods that I have tested in practice
  • You save money – I buy links directly from webmasters = minimum cost and maximum effect.
  • Your site will not be blocked – I promote sites using only white methods
  • I work with any topics – from online stores to adult sites.


1. I create a clear promotion strategy with deadlines

  • I look at link donors of competitors.
  • I look for ways to buy links from them
  • I identify the most successful (traffic) articles of competitors to make yours even better.

Result: we discover competitors’ strengths and use them to our advantage.

2. I compile a semantic core – I collect search phrases that most accurately convey the subject of your project and are saleable

Result: visitors find your site more easily, which increases traffic and sales.

3. I conduct technical audit – scan the site for program code errors and internal optimization. I form meta tags based on the analysis of successful competitors.

Result: Your site becomes fully optimized

4. I give technical assignments to experienced copywriters and regularly buy links throughout the promotion period.

Result: You get better texts than your competitors.

5. I buy links, focusing on the link profile of your competitors.

Result: the site is promoted in search at a higher rate than your competitors on this topic

6. For sites promoted in Yandex, I analyze and work with behavioral factors.

Result: Top 1 in Yandex for high-frequency queries for the first month of promotion.

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