Fast SEO. Let me show you a couple of SEO cases where we got a visible result just after 2 months, not typical 6 or 12 months

Hello, friends and colleagues! My name is Kirill Yandovsky, I have been doing SEO optimization for 15 years and for the last 5 of them I have been promoting websites in the English speaking Google. In this article I am going to show you a couple of cases when the SEO results became visible very quickly, without waiting for 6 months as usual. I am sharing my own experience and best practices!

So, the first case:

Website of a company developing fintech software (Fintech Software Development)

The company, well known in Russia, created a website in English (of really high quality, I must mention) and decided to expand their services into the English-speaking market focusing on the USA, where they also have an office.

The client contacted us in April 2023. At that time, their search traffic was close to 0. By the way, the site was made on Tilda, which is disliked by SEO specialists, but loved by Google

Traffic in April - 1
Traffic in April – 2
Traffic in August - 111 (per month)
Traffic in August – 111 (per month)

As you can see from the graphs in the Ahrefs, traffic has increased 100 fold 🙂

111 is the data in Ahrefs, let’s look at more accurate data in Google Search Console

GSC august 2023
GSC august 2023

As usual, Ahrefs underestimates traffic data by a factor of 3, we’re used to it by now.

So, let me show you what we did for such a rapid result:

  • We bought 30 links at Serpzilla (the foreign version of Sape). I know that many people don’t think high of SAPE, I used to myself, but this is because it is better not to buy links there for RuNet. Serpzilla works great for English speaking websites as there are many high quality donors there.
  • We did a technical audit and implemented all the changes. I won’t describe all the details, let me just remind you that the CMS is on Tilda, with all the implications, the website didn’t even have a Sitemap file.
  • We rewrote all meta tags. The website is corporate, with about 30 pages that people really need, so it was not difficult.
  • We bought 10 links from traffic thematic websites. The main selection criteria were Topic, Search keywords, Traffic. All this information was checked through ahrefs. Our donors are always selected through trusted webmasters, whom we found about 3 years ago on Fiverr.
  • We compiled Technical Specifications for copywriters for 10 texts for the blog, then posted these texts. The specs were based on successful (traffic) materials of competitors that had been found using Ahrefs

That’s actually all for now on this project, as you can see even such small actions gave an interesting result:


Ideally, now the website just needs a high-quality drop domain and its positions and traffic will increase many times.

As you can see, the website got top positions in its niche in less than 5 months of promotion, despite minimum actions taken. We normally work more intensively, according to our plans there were supposed to be 3-4 times more texts and links, but as the funding was on and off, we managed to do what we could in the time given.

Our second case is English language courses in the USA (Tefl/Tesol certification)

Dynamics of links and traffic
Dynamics of links and traffic

Just like in the first case, the client contacted us in April

Traffic and link donors in April 2023

As you can see from the screenshot, in April the traffic was 2189 visitors per month (according to AHREFS, in fact, traditionally, about 3 times more).

Traffic in July

Already in July 2023, the traffic grew to 5662 (that is, it more than doubled).

What did we do that in 3 months (April doesn’t count, it was a preparation) that traffic soared? All the same as with the first project:

  • We bought links to SAPE – 92 of them
  • Changed meta tags on the main pages (about 30 in total)
  • Bought 40 links from webmasters (at Fiverr)
  • Conducted a technical audit (updated the site map, made a new robots.txt, set up redirects from www to non-www, etc.)
  • We didn’t have time to work on the content yet as we and the client had a disagreement about assessing the uniqueness of texts (it happens, doesn’t it? 🙂 )

What was my message in this article? I wanted to tell you that one doesn’t always have to wait six months or a year for a visible effect from SEO. It often comes faster. But the following conditions should be met:

The website to be promoted should have some kind of existing traffic. At least 1 person per day from the search 🙂 This means that it already has 10-20 impressions on Google per day and is kind of trusted Google. These are typically sites with a history of more than 6 months, which have not been adjusted in terms of proper SEO. In general, the more search traffic a website has, the faster all SEO-related changes happen.

If the domain is completely new, then only purchasing a good Drop (abandoned domain) or a similar website with traffic (I tend to buy sites on Telderi) may solve the situation and generate traffic faster than in 6 months. The method is the same – the more traffic a drop or purchased from website has, the faster SEO works. The dropped or purchased eebsite must be certainly linked to the main site through 301 redirects and a tool in Google Search Console.

Feel free to ask questions if there are any and good luck in promotion!


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