Services and prices

For entrepreneurs seeking to promote the website and increase profits with guaranteed results

I provide the following services:

Website Promotion in Google

From 500$ per 1 month

  • semantic core
  • competitor analysis and link strategy development
  • technical tasks for texts on the site
  • link building (link budget is calculated separately)
  • working with drops
  • technical audit

Purchasing site promotion up from 6 months includes free setup and maintenance of Google Ads and technical support by the website programmer.

When promoting in English-speaking and European countries, the emphasis is placed on Link building and Longreads (large thematic articles).

Link building

Links are purchased using outreach method (direct contacts with webmasters). In rare cases (to increase the speed of purchase) I use SAPE (SERPZILLA) – yes, there are good donors for the foreign segment. Not many, but still there are some.

I have donor databases for the United States, Great Britain, France, Spain, Argentina and Brazil. 

Topics: Tourism, Blockchain, Finance, Software Development

If you have a different country or topic, it is no big deal, I will collect a donor database for your project, the only difference is that it may take a little longer (1-2 weeks).

Since all donors are of  HIGH QUALITY, there is no need to buy a lot of links (thus,  we can save your money). According to my experience, promotion even in most competitive commercial topics requires no more than 1000 domains of high quality referring to the site.

Content building strategy

Hardly any site in the English speaking Internet is without a blog. A blog is a section that attracts the lion’s share of “warm” and “cold” traffic turning intob“hot” and buys.

My strategy for filling the blog is as follows:

1.Collect a database of successful competitor sites

2.Analyse their articles regarding traffic from the search engine 

3.Select the most visited ones.

4.According to selected topics, we give a copywriter a certain number of characters, keywords, images and infographics. Our task is to write articles on popular topics but to do it better than competitors.

It is good to have your own copywriter, as people from within the business tend to write better articles (they know all the nuances).If you do not have your own copywriter, I will find one for your project specialising in your topic and using the right language.

SEO Consultation

Face-to-face or Online

Seo эксперт Кирилл Яндовский

Best of luck with your promotion!

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Comments (2) “Services and prices

  1. Hello. Interested in seo-promotion of the site. Address
    In the first place need promotion on the topics chair-bag and maternity pillows. The rest (laying, lamzaky) is secondary. Region to start S-Pb then Moscow. You can immediately, looking as better. In the future we want to “work” throughout Russia. Please specify your rates, approximate, in your opinion, terms and general strategy of promotion. Also if there are comments and other details from you. Do you have a portfolio?
    If necessary, we will provide access to metrics.
    Thank you.

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