Отзыв с сайта Upwork - внутренняя оптимизация сайта 
Feedback from Upwork – internal website optimisation


Отзыв на сайте фриланса Upwork - тексты объявлений для Adwords
Testimonial on freelance site Upwork – adwords texts for Adwords


Отзыв от клиента в о создании кампании в Яндекс.Директ
Feedback from a client in about creating a campaign in Yandex.Direct


Отзыв о настройке Google Analytics
Feedback on setting up Google Analytics


Отзыв о работе по продвижению сайта
Feedback on site promotion work


Отзыв о настройке кампании в Яндекс.Директ
Feedback on setting up a campaign in Yandex.Direct


Recommendation letter:

Рекомендательное письмо от Генерального Директора ООО Краски-Кисти Здоровяк Т.В.
Letter of recommendation from T.V. Zdorovyak, General Director of Kraski-Kisty Ltd.


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Comments (12) “Reviews

  1. Kirill is a true professional! He helped me sort out the problems of optimising my site in search engine rankings, provided a detailed audit and clarified all the nuances. Also, he helped with setting up advertising in Yandex.Direct, shared the subtleties and secrets of setting up advertising campaigns.

  2. I consulted with Kirill about advertising in Google Ads and Yandex Direct. It is obvious that he is a great expert in this field. He helped me to understand the nuances of my topic and answered all my questions. I recommend to all for co-operation.

  3. When I decided to read articles about creating and marketing websites to create my own, I found this site. Thanks to Cyril for such detailed articles and for the consultation where he explained everything and explained everything to the smallest detail. You can immediately see that he is a professional in his field!

  4. I, as a long-time professional, would like to recommend Kirill’s services to everyone. He is a real professional, he knows even more than I do. If you are a beginner and want to optimise your site and promote it, contact Kirill, he will help you and do everything qualitatively and quickly!

  5. I advise you to read the website and book a consultation with Kirill if you need help. Kirill told me everything I needed to know, thank him very much!

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