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Cases. USA and Europe

Promotion of the site in the theme of software development. Region – USA

The website subjects include blockchain software development, cryptocurrencies, financial exchanges, forex

Рост трафика в течении года
Traffic growth during the year

A new website working since November 2019. Not much traffic, as the topic is quite narrow. Initially did crowdfunding (in this case – Quora, Reddit), so the appearance of new links did not cause suspicion of Google, then I began to buy links (budget 1000 – 1500$ per month). We use both Sape and (mostly) purchase directly through webmasters.

Рост ссылающихся доменов
Growth of referring domains

Law firm website. Dubai, Arab Emirates

At the start of promotion traffic from Google was 7000 visitors per month,  a year later – 38000 visitors.

Online store of Korean cosmetics. USA

Продвижение интернет-магазина корейской косметики в США
Promotion of Korean cosmetics online store in the USA

Narrow niche project. Growth is due to internal optimization and purchase of links on SAPE

Promotion of the site of guide-translator. Spain, Argentina, Mexico

Продвижение сайта гида-переводчика. Испания, Аргентина, Мексика
Promotion of the site of guide-translator. Spain, Argentina, Mexico

Emphasis in promotion is placed on linkbuilding and linking (redirection) of trusted thematic domains to the main one.

Site of guide-translator in St. Petersburg. Promotion in France

Продвижение сайта гида переводчика по Франции
Promotion of the site of guide translator in France

The emphasis in this project is on building link mass.

More cases – on the “Portfolio” page

Cases – SEO promotion in Russia (Yandex)

Air conditioners. Moscow

Продвижение сайта в тематике «Кондиционеры» по Москве
Promotion of the site in the subject “Air conditioners” in Moscow

Car service. Moscow

Продвижение сайта в тематике "Автосервис" в регионе Москва
Promotion of the site in the theme “Car service” in the region of Moscow

More cases – on the “Portfolio” page

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My name is Kirill. I have been promoting foreign sites since 2009.

  • You do not risk anything – I do not experiment at the expense of your funds. All sites are promoted by methods that I have tested in practice
  • You save money – I buy links directly from webmasters = minimum cost and maximum effect.
  • Your site will not be blocked – I promote sites using only white methods
  • I work with any topics – from online stores to adult sites.


1. I create a clear promotion strategy with deadlines

  • I look at link donors of competitors.
  • I look for ways to buy links from them
  • I identify the most successful (traffic) articles of competitors to make yours even better.

Result: we discover competitors’ strengths and use them to our advantage.

2. I compile a semantic core – I collect search phrases that most accurately convey the subject of your project and are saleable

Result: visitors find your site more easily, which increases traffic and sales.

3. I conduct technical audit – scan the site for program code errors and internal optimization. I form meta tags based on the analysis of successful competitors.

Result: Your site becomes fully optimized

4. I give technical assignments to experienced copywriters and regularly buy links throughout the promotion period.

Result: You get better texts than your competitors.

5. I buy links, focusing on the link profile of your competitors.

Result: the site is promoted in search at a higher rate than your competitors on this topic

6. For sites promoted in Yandex, I analyze and work with behavioral factors.

Result: Top 1 in Yandex for high-frequency queries for the first month of promotion.


This blog is about SEO promotion, mainly in the USA and Europe, however, if you dig deeper, you will find information about promotion in Yandex.

Basically, SEO-blog is a collection of all articles on this site in chronological order. I write these texts for seo-specialists and business owners who want to learn the basics of SEO to speak the same language with employees. You will definitely find a lot of useful information here, and if you want me to improve something - just write in the comments.

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