SEO Website Promotion in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) – SEO case study in UAE

In August 2021, a client contacted me asking to promote a website in Dubai. The client’s company provides legal assistance services for people who want to set up a business in the UAE. The website is in English.

Here is what we accomplished in 1 year of promotion:


As you can see from the graph, the site had about 6500 visitors per month at the start.


As you can see from the graph, after a year of promotion the traffic increased to 29465 visitors per month. And we are talking about traffic from search, only from Google. That is, the attendance soared more than 4 fold.

In fact, in April the traffic was even higher, but after a Google update in May it dropped, this happened to many websites and SEO specialists working with Google remember this May very well 🙂

That is, looking at the chart, we can see that in 9 months of promotion in the UAE the search engine traffic was increased more than 6-fold

What we did:

We bought links on SAPE and FIVERR

We bought links on SAPE and FIVERR specifically for the UAE region. Since there are quite few sites aimed at the Emirates, we took links from the entire English-speaking segment of the Internet.

Writing articles

We looked at the most popular articles in the competitors’ blogs and wrote our own based on them. You can see the most popular competitors’ content using AHREFS in the “Top Pages” tab.

Working on the lending usability

All website pages, except the blog, were sales lendings with a feedback (order) form. Examining the competitors’ landings, we realized that some pages of our client’s website were not user friendly enough to reach the top of the high-frequency queries. We fixed that and the result wasn’t long in coming.

In my experience, websites in the UAE can be promoted faster and easier than in the USA and Europe. In that case were also lucky that the website already had traffic coming, so we didn’t have to promote it from scratch, as websites with traffic are promoted much faster. Monthly planned buying links, writing texts, checking technical optimization always gives positive results.

If you want to promote your website in Dubai, you can book a consultation with me in telegram (@yandowski) or by email ( I am always there to help and our conversation will be 100% beneficial for your business


How frequently should one engage in activities like link building, content writing, and technical optimization for website promotion?

Monthly activities such as acquiring backlinks, creating content, and checking technical optimization are essential for consistent and positive results in website promotion.

What makes promoting websites in the UAE different from the USA and Europe?

Websites in the UAE tend to progress more rapidly and easily compared to those in the USA and Europe. Additionally, existing traffic on the site can expedite the promotional process.

Why did the website’s traffic experience a drop after a Google update in May?

The drop in traffic in May was a result of a Google update, which affected many websites. This update caused fluctuations in rankings and traffic, but the site had already seen substantial growth over the year.

What strategies were used to promote the client’s website in the UAE?

The strategies employed included purchasing links on platforms like SAPE and FIVERR, acquiring links from the broader English-speaking internet, creating original articles inspired by competitors’ popular content, and optimizing the site’s sales landing pages for better usability.

How did the client’s website’s traffic change in the first year of promotion in Dubai?

The website initially had around 6,500 visitors per month, and after one year of promotion, it increased to 29,465 visitors per month, showing more than a fourfold growth in search traffic.

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