SEO in Vietnam. 🍷 How to promote wine?

This article is about SEO in Vietnam. Friends, recently I told you about my method of buying links. This case is an example: only 1 month of promotion, and there is already a good result. And what is remarkable: online sale of alcohol in Russia is prohibited since 2017, but in Vietnam there is no such law. An interesting case from all sides 👆

✅ DR (directly correlated with output) increased from 0 to 30

Рост показателя Domain Rank
Domain Rank growth

✅ Traffic has grown from 0 to 10 unique visitors per day from Google searches

✅ The number of reference donors for Ahrefs has grown from 20 to 50 (before that there was a natural increase and a bit of crowding)

Graph of link donor growth
Graph of link donor growth

How I purchased links:
1. The main site for the purchase: SAPE

2. We take only English-speaking sites, where there are the keys we need in Title

3. Filter by Trust Flow 20 and above

4. Watch each donor in Ahrefs, if DR is less than 10, and there are no keys and traffic from search – cut off

5. We look at each site with our eyes: if we see that the site is for people – take it, if we see broken pictures, template design (for SAPE stamp sites in packs with the same design) – cut off

6. We go to Fiver, contact webmasters who have links in the subject we need, we also look at donors through Ahrefs and with our eyes.

Update January 21, 2023:

The website is still being promoted with Sape backlinks. Let’s see what the results are so far. So,


As you can see from the screenshot, as of February 2021, 69 donors were linking to the site and the traffic was only 7 visitors per month (actually more, but ahrefs counted it that way)


As we can see, there is a constant link growth and a constant increase in traffic. According to AHREFS traffic in January 2023 (after 2 years from the beginning of promotion) amounted to 541 users, which is 77 (!) times more than in the beginning. Of course, the indicator itself is small, but I repeat, here of all SEO tasks was carried out only on the purchase of links through SAPE

And what will Google Search Console show us?

As you can see from the graph, today the traffic is about 50 visitors per day (only from Google search), which is about 1500 visitors per month. And 2 years ago there were 10 visitors per day, that is 300 per month. Total difference is 5 times.

If the client invested more in SEO – would be purchased not only on SAPE, but also directly from webmasters, and would write articles on the site, at least 5-10 pieces per month, the results would be at least 2 times higher. But even here we see a multiple increase

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