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I and my colleagues have developed a unique algorithm allowing to bring your site in Yandex top 10  in the first month of promotion, provided that the website position at the start of the project was in the top 30. If the position of the site is lower than the top 30, the term is longer (from 2 months).

Cost of promotion in Yandex – From $500 for a month of work

Time to reach the top of Yandex for high-frequency queries: from 1 month

In a month, I will bring your high-frequency enquiry to Yandex, provided that the site is no lower than the top 20.

Since the main ranking factor in Yandex is Behavioural one, we should improve behavioural factors. Naturally, internal optimisation is also included. 

What is Yandex?

Yandex is essentially the Google of Russia. Founded back in 1997, it’s a leading search engine in Russia and some other countries like Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Turkey. Imagine Google, but with a Russian twist. It has its webmail, cloud storage, and even a taxi service!

Why Yandex SEO is Different

Yandex has its own set of rules and algorithms, folks. Unlike Google, Yandex places less emphasis on backlinks and more on user behavior metrics. Why? Because each search engine aims to serve its user base in the best way possible.

Getting Started with Yandex SEO

Before diving in, you’ll need to register your site with Yandex Webmaster Tools. This will enable Yandex to index your site. Think of it as sending Yandex an invitation to your online “party.”

Yandex SEO Tools

To promote in Yandex you will be helped by 2 main tools:

1.Yandex Webmaster
2.Yandex Metrica

Register your site in these two services, and you will get comprehensive information about the technical state of your site, its position in Yandex search, its traffic. Yandex Metrica is an analog of Google Analytics, only, in my opinion, much simpler and more informative
Yandex Webmaster is an analog of Google Serch Console.

Keyword Research

Let’s talk turkey. Keywords are like the seasoning in your SEO recipe. Yandex has its tools like Yandex.Wordstat to help you discover what keywords resonate with your target audience.

Keyword Monitoring in Yandex

To monitor keywords in Yandex I prefer to use 2 services – Allpositions and Topvizor. Read more about how to monitor positions in Yandex here

On-Page SEO

Meta descriptions, titles, headers—these aren’t just SEO jargons; they’re your bread and butter in Yandex SEO. Make sure they align well with your targeted keywords.

Content Creation

You’ve heard the phrase “Content is King,” right? Well, in Yandex, quality trumps quantity. Yandex is a bit of a snob when it comes to low-quality content.

Technical SEO

This is where things get techie. Submitting a sitemap and optimizing for mobile are as crucial here as they are in Google SEO.


Remember when we said Yandex plays down backlinks? True, but they still matter. Think of them as the cherry on top, but not the whole sundae.

Local SEO

If you’re a local business targeting the Russian market, Yandex SEO can be your best friend. It’s like playing chess; you need to think several moves ahead and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Yandex SEO Tools

Two words: Yandex Webmaster and Yandex Metrica. These tools will be your guiding stars in the Yandex SEO universe.

Monitoring and Analytics

You wouldn’t bake a cake without checking if it’s done, right? Similarly, keeping an eye on performance metrics is key to your Yandex SEO success.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t overdo it. Yandex doesn’t like over-optimization or poor quality content. Always aim for the golden mean.


So, there you have it—a complete guide to Yandex SEO. Like any other SEO endeavor, it’s a mix of art and science. Ready to conquer the Yandex world?


  1. What is Yandex?
    • Yandex is a leading search engine in Russia and some other CIS countries.
  2. How is Yandex SEO different from Google SEO?
    • Yandex focuses more on user behavior metrics and less on backlinks.
  3. Do I need to register my site with Yandex?
    • Yes, registration through Yandex Webmaster Tools is recommended.
  4. What tools can I use for Yandex SEO?
    • Yandex Webmaster and Yandex Metrica are essential tools.
  5. Is local SEO important for Yandex?
    • Absolutely, especially if you’re targeting the Russian market.

My cases of promotion in Yandex:

Outdoor advertising

Продвижение сайта рекламного агентства, занимающегося наружной рекламой
SEO Promotion of the website of an advertising agency providing outdoor advertising


Продвижение сайта фирмы, занимающейся фрезеровкой и гравировкой. Москва
Promotion of the site of the company engaged in milling and engraving. Moscow

Car service

Продвижение сайта в тематике "Автосервис" в регионе Москва
SEO Promotion of the site on Car service in the Moscow

Air conditioners

Продвижение сайта в тематике "Кондиционеры" по Москве
Promotion of the site selling Air conditioners in Moscow

Balcony glazing

Продвижение сайта фирмы, занимающейся остеклением балконов в Санкт-Петербурге
Promotion of the website of a company providing balcony glazing services in St. Petersburg


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