Tefl/Tesol certification (English language training). Region – USA



In just 2 months of promotion we increased traffic from Google by more than 2х

Promotion of law firm. Region – Arab Emirates (UAE)

Динамика проекта
Project dynamics

Topics – help in starting a business in the UAE. For 4 months of promotion it was possible to achieve peak traffic from search, while the client came to me at a negative peak, attendance in that period decreased significantly.

More about the case – SEO in the Arab Emirates (Dubai)

Promotion of the site in the theme of software development. Region – USA

Продвижение сайта по разработке ПО на Phytone
Promotion of software development website on Phytone

Topics include software development, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, financial exchanges, forex.

New website, existing since November 2019. Not much traffic, as the topic is quite narrow. Initially did crowdfunding (in this case – Quora, Reddit), so that the appearance of new links did not cause suspicion of Google, then began to buy links (budget 1000 – 1500$ per month). We use both sape and (mostly) purchase directly through webmasters.

Online store of Korean cosmetics. USA

Продвижение интернет-магазина корейской косметики в США
Promotion of Korean cosmetics online store in the USA

Narrow niche project. Growth is due to internal optimization and purchase of links on SAPE

Promotion of the site of guide-translator. Spain, Argentina, Mexico

Продвижение сайта гида-переводчика. Испания, Аргентина, Мексика
Promotion of the site of guide-translator. Spain, Argentina, Mexico

Emphasis in promotion is placed on linkbuilding and linking (redirection) of trusted thematic domains to the main one.

Site of guide-translator in St. Petersburg. Promotion in France

Продвижение сайта гида переводчика по Франции
Promotion of the site of the translator guide in France (region – Paris)

The emphasis in this project is on building link mass.

SEO. Russia (Yandex)

Balcony glazing. St. Petersburg

Продвижение сайта фирмы, занимающейся остеклением балконов в Санкт-Петербурге
Promotion of the website of a company engaged in balcony glazing in St. Petersburg

Air conditioners. Moscow

Продвижение сайта в тематике "Кондиционеры" по Москве
Promotion of the site in the subject “Air conditioners” in Moscow

Car service. Moscow

Продвижение сайта в тематике "Автосервис" в регионе Москва
Promotion of the site in the theme “Car service” in the region of Moscow

Repair KIA. Moscow

Продвижение сайта фирмы, занимающейся ремонтом Киа в Москве
Promotion of the website of the company engaged in Kia repair in Moscow

Milling. Moscow

Продвижение сайта фирмы, занимающейся фрезеровкой и гравировкой. Москва
Promotion of the site of the firm engaged in milling and engraving. Moscow

Signboards. Moscow

Продвижение сайта рекламного агентства, занимающегося наружной рекламой
Promotion of the website of an advertising agency dealing with outdoor advertising

Website development

Car rental in St. Petersburg and Moscow

Разработка сайта для проката автомобилей с системой бронирования
Development of a website for car rental with reservation system

goldenrent.msk.ru – Moscow

goldenrent.spb.ru – Saint-Petersburg

The design office producing the Dolphin 10M R-Line airplane

Разработка сайта отечественного самолёта Дельфин 10M R-Line
Development of the site of the domestic airplane Dolphin 10M R-Line


Online store for artists ArtQuartal

Интернет-магазин для художников
Online store for artists


Online store of facade panels

Ideal Facade


Website-portal for SPbGASU

Сайт-портал для СПбГАСУ
Website-portal for SPbGASU


Website of the largest manufacturer of bio-toilets in the CIS



Website of architectural bureau

Сайт архитектора
Architect’s website



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