Google Ads Consultation

I have been long specialising in Google Ads consulting. There have been various cases in my practice, and over years of experience I have had the opportunity to set up a large number of advertising campaigns in Russia, Europe and the USA.

The consultation consists of:

  • answering your questions;
  • analysing your site for its conversion rate in comparison with competitors;
  • helping to fix contextual advertising settings.

Contextual Advertising Consultation takes place:

  • at the customer’s office;
  • at a cafe;
  • on skype or telegram/whatsapp
  • in any other convenient location or format

Why is this service in demand?

The effectiveness of contextual advertising has been proven over the years, especially in the field of online sales. This market is growing at an incredible rate and newer strategies and tools have been introduced.

Using the “default” system settings is quite expensive and far from being the most effective as it requires an approach where trial and error is excluded by an experienced specialist in this field.

Who needs this Consultation?

In fact, anyone can launch their own advertising campaign, as it is enough to just create one. Still, doing it on your own in 99% of cases will drain the planned and allocated budget in the shortest possible time. Unfortunately, this do not provide a positive result. That is why, in order to find and eliminate errors in a timely manner, it is better to consult a specialist. What are the reasons to contact a specialist in Contextual Advertising?

  1. Analytical work with queries is necessary. Only an experienced director is able to identify a number of possible algorithms and behavioural factors that influence how search queries from potential users will be generated.
  2. It is important to select and formulate UTP capable of hooking customers  presenting such products and services that become competitive.
  3. It is important to make adverts as unique as possible. More often than not, a consultation is required in order to make the client’s adverts stand out from the general flow of offers. Only a specialist is able to find the most motivating texts for adverts and suggest a recipe for how to compose a short but effective contextual advert.

In other words, specialist contextual advertising allows to find access to new markets, work out and discuss further development of content, as well as select tools that will accelerate promotion and add to its effectiveness.

Statistically, it can take several years to react quickly to all the changes and innovations of Yandex.Direct and Google Ads (Adwords), but by contacting me, you will get all the necessary knowledge and skills quickly and in a high-quality form. You won’t have to spend a lot of sleepless nights trying to find the perfect strategy, the right auction, but find the option to optimise your budget.

You can use my consultation at any convenient time and get real and practical help. By the way, my support is useful both for newcomers in online business, and for those who have devoted a lot of time to this aspect of promotion. I provide competent tailored approach for every client to achieve the maximum results.

Live Consultation with me will be convenient for you to get a qualified solution to the problem that has arisen, and it doesn’t matter what region you live in and at what time it is convenient for you to get in touch. I will help you find the blind and even dangerous spots of your company and outline a plan for its further development with the improvement of image and business tactics. I can perform analysis in real time and draw a conclusion with thorough and clear recommendations.

The consultation cost – Write to me on telegram Yandowski

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