Consultation on SEO promotion (USA, Europe)

Advice on website promotion in the USA and Europe.

Consultation on link promotion, strategy development, analysis of competitors from the Top.

If you already have an English language site targeting the US or other countries and would like to put together a promotion strategy for 1-2 years, you should seek a consultation.

The cost of counselling is $100/hour

Consultation on advice promotion may be held in three formats:

  • skype/telegram/zoom (it’s handy to show off the screen);
  • In a cafe;
  • In an office
SEO-специалист Кирилл Яндовский
SEO expert Kirill Yandovskiy

We have been promoting sites in English in the USA and other countries (mainly UK, India, Canada, France, Spain) for more than a decade. Over the years, Google algorithms have not changed significantly (comparing to Yandex), there is still a high influence of links and longreads (large articles).

Over the years we have collected a base of link donors for English, French and Spanish language promotion.

Topics: Marketing, Tourism, Blockchain, Finance, Software Development, etc.

Рост ссылочной массы одного из продвигаемых мной сайтов
Growth of link mass of one of my promoted sites


Рост трафика с Google Organic на этом же сайте
Increased traffic from Google Organic on the same site

It is important to note that the professionalism of the consultant you consult depends on the further development of your site. The advantages of my consultations are as follows:

  • Quality knowledge and experience –  Consultation  on website promotion  is based on the knowledge accumulated over many years (since 2008). A qualitative analysis of the market and many other most successful sites has been carried out in order to share it with you;
  • Relevant information only – there will be no water here, just the essence and my thoughts on what I would do with your site;
  • Time saving – you will have a ready algorithm for further work.
  • 15 years of experience in SEO promotion, using all techniques, including behavioural factors
  • Great experience in promoting sites in the USA and Western Europe. My own link bases, work with dropped domains, Hrumer and crowd.
  • Experience in “grey” topics

How are websites promoted?

The SEO consultation is based on years of experience. As a result, the main components of website promotion have been highlighted:

  • Identify a list of relevant queries to promote your site;
  • Analyse the most popular sites on your topic, detect shortcomings of your platform;
  • Create relevant content for the site;

What issues are addressed during the Consultation?

The most effective advice for the following :

  • Creating a semantic core;
  • Features of working with tags and copywriting;
  • Optimisation of the site;
  • Contextual advertising for your platform;
  • Services for Internet marketing and work with them.
  • Linkbilding
  • Increase behavioural
  • Using underlaying domains (drops)
  • Usint directories (Hrumer, etc.).
  • You will get a full range of information on these topics and following the recommendations will bring fast visible results.

You will get a full range of information on these topics and following the recommendations will bring fast visible results.

Who comes to me for counselling?

  • Creators and owners of English-speaking sites – if you are in search of optimal ways to develop your business, you should come to me;
  • SEO Specialists – I give a fresh look at stale problems;
  • Beginners in site development – all the knowledge gained will be a good platform for personal professional development.
  • When you contact me for help, you get a garanteed useful advice on how to promote your website.

If, in addition to consultation, you are interested in terms of complex promotion of English-language site “turnkey”, I recommend to visit the section Promotion of English-language sites in the U.S.

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