How to check site positions in 2023? As many services have left Russia, this question is relevant for most SEO specialists.

In this article, I will talk about the ones I use to check the site position in the search. I have noticed that not all site position checkers display information correctly, so you should use proven resources.

The first most important service for monitoring site positions in my daily practice: checker

It is a Russian site position checker so it is still available without a VPN for citizens of the Russian Federation. is a simple and reliable service for checking positions and, most importantly, affordable. I have been using it every day for 7 years. It accurately displays the site positions both in Runet (Yandex) and in foreign Google. In addition to monitoring positions, this service allows you to upload relevant pages for requests, which helps with internal website optimization.

If you have one site and you do not check positions every day, you can deposit just 100 rubles. If you are a SEO expert or monitor a large number of sites, I recommend replenishing your balance by 600 rubles. This is enough for a month or more.

The service checks positions quite accurately as I tend to check SERP manually and the discrepancies are minimal. The Visibility graph allows  tracking how close your project has become to the top of the core over time.

Visibility / Attendance – shows the site visibility and number of visitors from the search engines in the report. If the project is not connected to Google Analytics, the traffic is not displayed.

You can also share a link to the report with a client without providing access to the account, which is very convenient. The service is not quite new, so the interface looks outdated, which still does not reduce its effectiveness. There is an option of unloading of positions in Excel convenient for comparing periods and compiling reports.

Topvisor site position checker

Topvisor is another Russian website, so it works on the territory of the Russian Federation without any problems. 

Topvisor is the second most popular service for checking site positions in my personal rating. Most of my clients (who monitor sites themselves) prefer it.

The service can check positions directly on this page:


Topvisor displays positions quite accurately, I checked it manually, the discrepancies, like in Allpositions, are minimal. Still, there are not enough visibility graphes for clarity. The advantageous difference from Allpositions is that Topvisor allows you to monitor mobile and desktop search results separately.

Checking site positions in Serpstat

Serpstat is an SEO warship and I often mention this resource on my blog, as it has replaced other services for me for a long time.

I would recommend it for checking positions to those people who promote sites in English speaking Google.

Unfortunately, now position monitoring in this service is available only in a paid version. The minimum subscription cost has recently increased to $69 per month (and they call it LITE)

Site positions in Seranking

Seranking is quite affordable (around 350 rubles a month), and in addition to checking positions (both in RuNet and abroad), it also provides an excellent service for a comprehensive site audit, which I use all the time. There is also a very convenient checklist for working on the site where you can mark completed items. You can also get a list of free business directories for placing links separately for each country.

In conclusion, I want to talk about the new service Seolium:

Site positions in Seolium

Сервис проверка позиций Seolium
Сервис проверка позиций Seolium

Seolium will be of interest to those who check positions of sites on the English speaking Internet. In addition to site positions, it automatically provides information on the fluctuations in positions of main competitors collected from the SERP. The service is really good, I am actively using it for my foreign projects, with one BUT – the price. The minimum cost is $60 for 12`000 checks (1 check = 1 keyword). I think if the service developers offer some kind of friendly price for a start, competitive with the other services described above, I will use it all the time.

Free position checker

In conclusion, I would like to recommend you a free position checker:

Its advantage is that you can capture the site position for 100 queries for free. The downside is that requests cannot be sorted by frequency (request frequency is not displayed).

Site positions in AHREFS

And of course, you can also monitor positions in the main SEO service. To do this that, select Rank Tracker in the top menu and add keywords to your project.

What services do you use to remove positions in the search? Write in the comments!

In a nutshell: if you just need to check positions, then ALLPOSITIONS is best. If you also need a promotion plan and a seo-audit, then I recommend SERANKING. And if you want to save money, then use!

UPD June 2023

Friends and colleagues, an important update for those of you who promote websites abroad. The thing is that almost all Russian services used the Google frequency from Google Ads, but since this system has not been working in Russia for half a year, the Google frequency can not be used (I was told this in Allpositions technical support). At the moment, the most reliable way to check positions with frequency is AHREFS (you need a VPN as the service is not officially available in Russia), but it is quite expensive, read carefully how many requests for checking positions are included in your subscription plan, they charge an additional fee for each key request excessing the number indicated in the subscription plan, and, believe me, it is not cheap. But since I work mainly for the foreign segment, I monitor positions in AHREFS

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