All about backlinks – where to take backlinks for promotion, the differences between purchased and manually placed links

I continue to publish text transcripts of some excerpts from my last appearance on Mikhail Shakin’s channel. Today it’s about links. The video itself is published at the bottom of the page

– Where do I get the references? Well, here’s a specific question for Southeast Asia.

– Having tried almost all sites, including forums, I have 2 main sites, 1 is SAPE, our Russian exchange is old, and 2 is FIVERR. As if FIVERR is where you can find quality donors with traffic, which will be your topic, which will belong to your region. I think there are Asian ones there as well. That is, I will answer this question as follows: go to firever, look, communicate with linkbuilders, ask, type in the search just the region you need. And SAPE is good for what? There are a lot of English-speaking donors, and also there are not very many Spanish-speaking and Italian-speaking, French-speaking, that is, it allows you to move to Europe and America, and at the same time for an economical budget, that is not every client can afford to pay 3 or $4000 a month. Sape helps us in general, roughly speaking, an average of 5 10000 rubles a month to pay and at the same time well build up the volume of links, that is, to buy 30 and more links per month, if you take such a number of links on the firever, of course, it will come out to you thousands of 2 bucks. Still SAPE helps to save money, I like SAPE for what I like SAPE here I am, when UK donors look, they are usually all good, that is, I’m looking through my eyes, I check all the sites and I, when I see that there is a UK domain, I’m like 99% will be high-quality and as a rule, so it is, there immediately goes the amount of traffic, keywords. And those who say that SAPE is a spam exchange. Well guys, well of course there yes 90% of spam, but as on any.

– Golden words, well, if you know how to look, you’re fine.

– Of course, it is the same on Fivera, when you order, you ask them to please send me a list of donors you have. They first send, as a rule, some slag, that is, the sites are well made, but look there are no keywords, no traffic, empty absolutely, but DR (domain rank) but pumped there.- That’s not to take away from them.

– You can’t take that away from them.

– When you’re already telling them, well here’s yes DR sure, that’s all fine, but please, maybe….

– They immediately see who’s on the other side of the computer.

– Yeah. “Well, I’ve got another list.”

– Yes, for those in the know.

– And there already, with 2 with 3 times this correspondence some normal donors, that is, when we talk about the purchase of links, it is clear that we will encounter spam, just need to be able to quickly screen it, and that’s it.

– Dmitry asks: To what extent does Google accept purchased links from link exchanges, does it track them?

– Well I noticed a long time ago that in general there is no concept, there are purchased links from link exchanges, there is either just a link, in general I see that it works. That is, I see that these links appear in the Google Church console. Well if you answer the questions, he’s taking them, so to speak. I think I told Sasha Shestakov a story at the conference about this notion of Google indexing links, that is, roughly speaking, the way we used to look at links in the Wink plugin.

– It was a good thing, but it’s a shame it stopped working.

– That is, when we look at whether a link is indexed by Google, let’s say, and it tells us that 50% of your links are not indexed. And we take, as I then on one large project took and removed all the links that are not indexed by Google. The site dramatically sat down. After that I realized that Google does not give us any opportunity to assess whether it has indexed the link, that is, if we remove all the links that we have not shown there in the Google Search Console, it is not a fact that we will remove links that are not indexed.

– Yes, it’s indexing, it’s all random and doesn’t reflect the essence at all.

– Yes, i.e. for me the only indicator of whether links work or not… Here I took 30 pieces there, roughly speaking for 3 queries, in SAPE, looked after a month or two I see growth, so everything works.

– Uh, sure.

– I think we’ve answered that.

– Yeah, that’s a good answer. Thank you. Dmitry, ask also: Is there a difference between a link purchased on an exchange and a link from a good donor, but with manual placement? In comments, for example, or to an article?

– Is there any difference from a link purchased on an exchange, from a link from a good donor, but when manually placed…

– That is, either automatically through an exchange or manually, somewhere you posted.

– Well, of course there is, because after all, SAPE puts a link in some blocks still, although in fact they have a function to arrange links in the text, but, in my opinion, under English-speaking donors, something it is not very much like me. Perhaps, just under this mechanism is very few sites in English, there you can select a fragment of text in the article on the keys, and it makes this fragment of text link. Here for the Russian language it works perfectly, for English I did not go, I do not know, I think, because I just did not find donors, that is, they are noticeably less there than when you just buy links in the block. I.e. this is a block Sapov, it certainly happens rubber, you go in, and there is a bunch of links, it is clear that on such a site do not need to buy anything. But there is a good donor, there are 3 links stands, everything is nice, neat, but it is always as a rule still a block, ie, visually a person who has been working in sapa for a long time, it is easy to understand that these links from sape.

– Yes, how they don’t disguise them… And “similar articles”, “read the same” … and something else, the calendar shoved into the site, I did it myself … one by one there spread out. January, February and there is a link from sapa somewhere in the middle.

– Yes, still of course, with good placement in the article, on fiverr, when you buy links, it’s actually manual placement, they place properly everything.

– Is there a threshold for Google, on sites where, for example, from one page more, less than 10 links, where the threshold is spammed?

– You know, I evaluate with my eyes, because there can be 20 links from one article, but you look at it and you realize that everything is beautiful, everything is relevant. And sometimes you really go to a page, and there’s just a little bit of text, and then it goes – there’s a link, there’s a link, it’s obvious that it’s spam. I still look at the visual realization, well, and in general on the site, if the site has keywords in Google, there is traffic, if we see its growth. Now in Overwiew 2.0 in AHREFS it’s very good, you enter the site at once and you can see how the links are growing, how its traffic is growing, if everything is growing – it’s obvious that the site is not spamming, you just look at it visually and that’s it.

Фрагмент нового интерфейса Overview 2.0 Ahrefs
A fragment of the new Overview 2.0 Ahrefs interface

– The apologist of this principle, when a site is visually evaluated without tools, is Vasily Tkachev, he does not use any services or tools at all. He works under Yandex, where links are not important, and here he visually evaluates, improves the site, and he also has a good effect, an interesting approach. He’s the only SEO who works without an SEO service.

– You know, I have been watching Vasily Tkachev, reading some of his articles and videos. And maybe this story of looking with your eyes came from him, because I remember that when I started in 2010-2011, he was doing his conference in St. Petersburg. I remember that when I came to one agency, their main topic was sape procurement, it was probably 15 years ago.

– It’s a little late for that.

– Well, I guess so. I look at every donor with my eyes.

– Me too, yeah.

– And they tried to reprimand me there. And I do not understand how you can buy links without looking at the donor, then anyway someone will see, the same client will go and see where his links are from. So you have to look with your eyes.

– In general pozomerics, such as checktrust, or Ahrefs domain ranking… which are better?

– Of course, if we are talking about foreign promotion, of course DR is the most important indicator, except for traffic and keywords, even all the latest studies, which are published once a year, say that DR is the closest indicator to correlation, ie it reflects the TOP, ie the higher DR, the more likely that the site is higher than others in the top of Google. If you look at all the research, on puzomerki, which puzomerki work, which do not work, here you can see, DR there will always be in 1st or 2nd place, so I DR enough, for example, of all the puzomerki, I am not interested in anything else. In general, I look at 3 things: DR, traffic, and keys.

– Visibility is searchable.

– Yes, well, the keys are pierced, so that there they were adequate topics, not some porn, no viagra, spam often. I.e. these 3 moments are enough for me to understand a good site or bad.

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