In this article I will share my experience of website promotion in the Google search engine. If you have a website focused on the US and European countries, this article is for you. Here, I will analyze the algorithm for analyzing incoming links.

As you know, Google is the main search engine in Europe and the USA, while in Russia it is still second to Yandex, but the gap is rapidly shrinking. For mobile devices, the Google search engine has long been a leader thanks to its Android operating system for smartphones, and it is also the default on the iPhone.

Promotion for Google differs from Yandex in the following:

  1. In Yandex, for promoting high-frequency queries, behavioral and commercial factors are most important. In Google, these factors do not really matter. This is why Yandex is more vulnerable to cheating with behavioral factors unlike Google. Also, Yandex.Direct has a strong influence on positions in Yandex, while Google Ads have little effect on positions in Google.
  2. In Google, one of the most important factors is the presence of links. It is almost impossible to level up in Google without links, both in foreign Google and in Russian one. As for the Yandex top, even in competitive topics, there are sites which link mass tends to zero.
  3. Google is fond of long texts. A site should have articles with the volume of at least 3000 characters with spaces. Yandex is not so sensitive to the length of the text, sometimes it is better to make an informative but concise text.
  4. Google is very picky about technical optimization. One of the latest ranking updates, Google Fred, is aimed at lowering sites that have a lot of insignificant, that is, “junk” pages, in the SERP. Yandex is less picky about the technical properties.

Seo-Promotion algorithm for American and European


So, let’s take a step-by-step look at my algorithm for promoting sites for Google.

  1. Analysis of competitors

Type high-frequency queries relevant to our site into Google and analyze the following two indicators of the top sites – the number of pages in the Google index and the number of incoming links:

Анализ Топ 10 выдачи Google по запросу "web design cyprus"
Analysis Top 10 Google search results for “web design cyprus”

I use the SEOquake plugin to analyze Google Top, it is compatible with all common browsers.

As we can see from the picture, the sites in the first two places have little content (it would be better to look at the entire Top 10), but the link mass is large. Therefore, we conclude that when promoting this request, the emphasis should be on Linkbuilding.

  1. Compiling the semantic core
  1. We collect the keywords of the competitor site

The most efficient service for this is of course AHREFS

It allows you to see the current queries for finding your competitor is in the search:

Анализ ключевых слов в Ahrefs
Анализ ключевых слов в Ahrefs

If using AHREFS is expensive (this service is indeed the most expensive one), I recommend using SerpStat and / or Spywords

Отчет по ключевым словам сайта в SerpStat
Keyword report in SerpStat
Отчет по ключевым словам в SpyWords
Keyword report in SpyWords

In SpyWords, you can pay for a daily subscription, the option that allows  this service stand out from the rest. The downside is that they collect data only for the CIS countries, but if you look at data from Google Moscow, it is quite similar to data from other services for the United States.

  1. Conversion queries from Google Analytics

Look at your top converting queries in Google Analytics (bind GA to Google Search Console). Surely there are those that you are not in the Top for, but there are already some conversions for them. Can you imagine what will happen if your site is in 1st place for these queries?

  1. Google Keyword Planner

How to use the Scheduler was described in detail in this article

So, by combining the uploads from all three (or more) services, you will get a complete list of queries to get your site in 1st place in Google.

  1. Link Building

Let me remind you that while studying Google Top, we found out that competitor sites have a small number of pages in the index, but a large link mass. Therefore, we need to focus on link building. I wrote in detail  how I buy links in this article – Links in 2021. My link mining method

Here, I will briefly list the exchanges and methods to get links:

Collaborator – High quality donors, at corresponding prices. Cons – the tasks are performed for a very long time, adjustments to articles are also made for a very long time or not made at all. In fact, the quality of donors is the only thing that motivates me to use this exchange.

GetLinkNow – I have been using this exchange since recently, but I am already pleasantly surprised by the number of high quality donors and prices.

General recommendations for buying links:

  1. If the site is absolutely new, buy 30 links in the first month. Try to have them appear evenly, ideally one per day.
  2. In the second month, you can buy up to 50, but again evenly. Keep on, gradually increasing the pace of purchases.

3. Look at the anchor lists of competitors (the most convenient way to do this is in Ahrefs, you can also use SerpStat). See what kind of anchorless links they have and start with them. Then gradually mix in anchor links, again to form a natural anchor list – competitors can help in this.

3. Content Marketing

After you have established a regular purchase of high quality links, it’s time to look at which pages competitors’ sites generate more traffic in order to understand what topics to focus on when writing articles. A rare site in the US and Europe doesn’t have a blog and our task is to fill it with the most traffic topics. So, open AHREFS, put in the competitor’s address and find Top Pages in the left menu. 

Анализ топовых страниц в Ahrefs
Top page analysis in Ahrefs

Pay attention to Its volume indicator – this number shows how much traffic can draw to the page using these keywords. The higher this indicator, the more traffic the article attracts and the more important it is for you!

Next, click on the triangle to the right of the article you like.

Ключевые слова статьи в AHREFS
Article keywords in AHREFS

We get to the keyword report, which is useful for compiling the terms of reference for the copywriter.

When compiling the terms of reference for articles, pay attention to:

  • meta tags
  • keywords
  • number of characters
  • breaking into paragraphs
  • illustrations, infographics, videos

4. Technical audit

Technical SEO in Google is losing its relevance, giving way to link building and copywriting. This is explained by the fact that the search engine has learned to recognize text in almost all situations, giving preference to the text on the site and user behavior, rather than analyzing the code for errors. However, it is never a bad idea to check the site for it, as this will help you avoid obstacles on the way to the TOP. For a technical audit, I recommend the SEMRUSH service. They have a 7 day trial period, which is enough to scan your site and fix errors.

So, we have discussed how to promote a site in the English-speaking speaking Google. As you can see, the method includes three main stages: 1) Collecting semantics, 2) Purchasing links, 3) Writing texts. Nothing complicated,  all the three aspects should be implemented constantly and at the same time with each other. Good luck in promotion!

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  1. Thanks for the article! It was always interesting to master SEO. And for Yandex, what services should be used to collect semantic core?

  2. I agree with the author, the most effective service for collecting semantic core is AHREFS, I always use it

  3. Very interesting! I’ve always wanted to start my own website! And Kirill’s articles helped me to understand in detail how SEO works.
    Thank you very much!

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  5. Automatic links have never taken, although some companies offered) Many services tried linkbuilder, zenlink with referr, stopped at , they have better conditions.

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