How to promote the site of gaming themes? SEO case study in Poker

At the end of 2020, I was approached by a client with a request to promote his gaming website. This is an IT company which has developed a bot for playing poker.

So, in this article I will tell you how the work went and what results were achieved in six months of cooperation.

Let me start by saying that the domain the site is on is new, which ALWAYS makes it harder to promote in Google. A new domain needs a lot more time to rock out. Plus the engine of the site – TILDA, and it was in my practice for the first time, when the foreign project is developed on Tilda, and I did not know how much American Google likes or dislikes this CMS.

So, work began in December 2020.

Dynamics of link mass growth

Referring domains
Referring domains

As you can see, the first links appeared at the end of November, they were placed by the team, then, since the end of December – my work on building up the link mass

Links were purchased at Sape и from webmasters through Fiverr

Keywords in search
Keywords in search

The first keys in search appear in March, which is the 3rd month from the start of SEO work, for a new domain this is a very good result (usually in competitive niches the first keys in search appear from the 6th month of work, if the domain is new). This is due to filling the blog with articles and regular purchase of links, as well as redirects from restored dropped domains.

A redirect was made from 2 traffic domains (the first one – just in March), which gave a good boost in promotion (after that and began to grow keys in search).

That’s why I monitor dropships daily looking for themed domains to boost positions and traffic.

Traffic regions

Traffic regions
Traffic regions

As you can see, the focus was on the English-speaking audience, and the semantic core was collected for it. In the future, it is worth collecting a separate Chinese core for promotion in China (Baidu).

Semantic core and current positions:

Google (Domain: com, Location: New York)
Keyword Volume 04.01 24.06 Position changes
poker bot 4400 16 85
poker ai 1900 42 59
ai poker 1900 75 26
war bot poker 590 6 95
warbot poker 590 11 90
bot poker 590 19 82
online poker bot 590 25 76
online poker bots 590 47 54
poker bot discord 480 17 84
download poker bot 480 31 70
poker bot download 480 39 62
zynga poker bot 320 1 100
bot zynga poker 320 4 97
zynga poker bots 320 4 97
poker robot 320 17 84
poker assistant 260 17 84
poker bot ai 210 6 95
ai poker bot 210 10 91
poker discord bot 210 13 88
holdem bot 210 91 10
holdembot 210 93  


Of course, the semantic core is much broader, and I’m only showing the highest-frequency queries here.

For Argentina, the situation is even better:

Google (Domain:, Location: Buenos Aires)


Keyword Volume 04.01 24.06 Position changes
poker bot 4400 17 84
poker ai 1900 26 75
ai poker 1900 17 84
bot poker 590 25 76
online poker bot 590 10 91
online poker bots 590 21 80
warbot poker 590 6 95
war bot poker 590 8 93
poker bot download 480 33 68
poker bot discord 480 15 86
download poker bot 480 25 76
zynga poker bot 320 1 100
poker robot 320 34 67
bot zynga poker 320 3 98
zynga poker bots 320 1 100
poker assistant 260 11 90
poker vs ai 210 0
poker discord bot 210 9 92
holdem bot 210 74 27
holdembot 210 0
ai poker bot 210 45 1 44

Of course, not all queries have made it to the Top, but given the pace at which the site is developing, it’s not far off.

Of course, in addition to linkbuilding, we made a “Blog” section, which we regularly fill with articles based on queries from the core, both commercial and informational (“how to…”)

Conclusion: even new domains in competitive topics can be promoted quite quickly, if you initially develop the right strategy and strictly follow it. Strategy plus regularity of work is the key to success in SEO!


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