SEO Promotion of the website of an IT company developing software in the niche of finance and cryptocurrencies

Promotion of the site in the USA. Topics – blockchain software development, cryptocurrencies, financial exchanges, forex.

I was approached by an IT company from the Czech Republic that has developed an API for accessing data from financial exchanges (such as Nasdaq). Such an API key is needed for financial programs and websites that publish real-time quotes of stocks and cryptocurrencies.

New website, existing since November 2019. Not much traffic, as the topic is quite narrow. Initially did crowd-sourcing (in this case – Quora, Reddit) so that the appearance of new links did not arouse suspicion from Google, then began to buy links (budget 1000 – 1500$ per month). I used both Sape and (mostly) buying directly through webmasters.

Traffic and key growth during the year👇

Рост ключей сайта IT компании
The growth of IT company website keys

As you can see from the graphs, in a relatively short time it was possible to go from 0 visitors to 80 visitors per month according to ahrefs, in fact there were 3 times more visitors (ahrefs underestimates the data).

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